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Learning ns-3 in Step by Step


Step 1: Install ns-3 as explained in the following article :

A Simple Procedure for Installing ns-3 on Ubuntu


Step 2: Do a simple simulation as explained in the following article :


Start Experiencing ns-3 with a Simple Simulation

Step 3: Create network topology using the topology generator and customize your simulation as explained in the following article:

Using ns-3 Topology Generator.


Step 4: Understand the components of a typical ns-3 simulation script by reading the following article:

ns-3 Simulation Script Demystified

Step 5: Visualize your Simulation using NetAnim as explained in the following article:

Visualizing ns-3 Simulation using NetAnim


Step 6: Generate Traces outputs as Explained in the following article:

Event Trace File Generation in a ns-3 Simulation


Step 7: Do some elementary trace analysis as explained in the following article:




Trace Analysis of ns-3 Ascii Traces using TraceMetrics Tool – An elementary Trace Analysis Solution for ns-3












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