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Installing ns2.28

Installing ns2.28

Here we assume that the student is a PG level/research level student with an elementary knowledge of Linux and ns2.

The given procedure is for ns2.28 only. 

If you are installing a higher version, then the version number on ns/tcl/nam/xgraph will also change accordingly


1. Download ns2.28 from the following link:

login as root copy the ns-allinone-2.28.tar.gz file in / (the root of the filesystem)

#cd /
#gunzip –d ns*.gz this will extract ns-allinone-2.28.tar in the / file system
#tar –xvf ns*.tar this will extract ns.28 under the directory /ns-allinone-2.28

First install ns2.28

# cd /ns-allinone-2.28/
#./ install – to install ns2.

After successful installation, edit the /root/.bash_profile with the following values – then only the following commands will work from any project directory) [/.bash_profile is a hidden file]



Reboot the system and login again

Check the good working of ns2 by just typing the following command.

#ns – this will produce % prompt (Ctrl+C to exit)

#nam – This will start nam


– it should wait for input (Ctrl+C to exit)

If all the above three commands are working, then only you may proceed with any experiments on ns2.

#ns program.tcl

This will run a simulation script named as “program.tcl “

# nam out.nam


This will show an animation that is logged in the file “out.nam”

You may start learning ns2 by reading the following post of our ns2 forum

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