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Vehicular Adhoc Network (VANET) Simulation With Veins + Omnet + SUMO


screencastWe can do realistic VANET simulations by combining the following three software

1. Omnet + +
3. Veins

Among the above three, Omnet ++ is the Network simulator that can do the real networking aspects of the simulation and be dealing with the networking components of a typical “network simulation” (such as mac, TCP, routing, etc.,)

SUMO, the Simulator for Urban Mobility, can accurately model the vehicular traffic, signals, accidents, etc., on any road or on a city road map. SUMO can be used independently without Omnet++ or any other simulator. Generally, the traffic patterns or mobility traces created by SUMO can be imported to some of the popular network simulators including Omnet++ to create a realistic vehicle and traffic dynamics.

Finally, Veins is nothing but a set of extensions exclusively written for Omnet++. In other words, Veins is one of the model libraries written for Omnet++ which will provide a set of protocols to simulate VANET under Omnet++. In addition to that, Veins will work along with SUMO and can use its traffic models (mobility scenarios and patterns) under Omnet in a well-integrated fashion.

By combining all the above three, we can do a very realistic vehicle to vehicle(V2V), vehicle to infrastructure (V2I), vehicle to pedestrians (V2P), vehicle to home (V2H), etc., and in general Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) network simulations on any realistic roadmap with realistic network protocol stacks. So, with this three we can accurately model any modern vehicular ad-hoc network.


  • Using only omnet++: We can use the only omnet++ to simulate any network models only using the only features available under omnet++.
  • Using only SUMO: We can use only SUMO to simulate model the vehicular traffic, signals, accidents, etc., on any road or on a city road map.
  • Using omnet++ and Veins: We can install the Veins models under omnet++ and simulate network models of VANET using the features provided by Veins
  •  Using omnet++, SUMO and Veins: If we use all these three in an integrated fashion, then we can able to simulate realistic VANET with traffic vehicles on a realistic road map.


One may install SUMO, OMNet++ and Veins using the following procedure :

Installing SUMO, OmNet++ and Veins for doing VANET Research.

One may do a ns-3 simulation with SUMO TraCI interface using the following procedure :

Installing ms-van3t – A Multi-Stack VANET Framework for ns-3




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