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Procedure for Installing and Running a Model in OPNET

You can run any sample models downloaded from the internet within a day or two by carefully reading the steps mentioned in this tutorial.
Step 1: extract/copy any downloaded model file in any drive/folder of your computer

Step 2: Run OPNET Modeler
Add the Model Directory as follows

File – > Modlel Files -> Add Model Directory

Check “Make this the default directory” check box



Step 3 : Open the Model (here the name of the model is WanProtocols)

File -> Open -> WanProtocols -> Open


Step 4:

You can select the scenario (ATM/PPP/ISDN which is available in this WanProtocols model) by pressing Control+Up/Down Arrow.



Close the Simulation Window and display the simulation performance




Step 5: Display the Graphs as follows




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